Blocky Tavern
[Liontack's] Differences
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I present to you all my very first map. It is a trivia map where you will need to find the rule breakers. This map is made for 1 player. Some things will go wrong when playing with 2+ players.

Consider to turn off clouds (Options > Video Settings > Clouds : OFF), the beginning of the map is unfortunately on cloud level. Please turn off other resource packs. While testing I've seen that the world resource pack does not always override other texture packs correctly. Also, the world resource pack is made to work with the vanilla texture pack.

I would like to thank the minecraft community for sharing command tutorials, idea's and solutions. I have learnt a lot while making this map. I also had a lot of fun building it. 😀 In special, I want to mention Xisumavoid, who shares datapacks, and Blue commander, for his neat head trick. I have used their datapacks without really understanding how they work. Thanks for helping me out!

Lastly, I would like to ask for feedback. What did you like? What could have been better? Did you encounter a bug? Were you stuck at some point? Please leave all your feedback in the comments section down below, I appreciate any feedback. I plan on creating many more maps. Did you make a Let's-play video of this map?, please post a link to your video down below too! I would love to see people play my map.

Update 1.1

The beetroot should be easier to find. Since I got a lot of feedback that it's not easy to find, and I did not intend this part to be hard. Another gameplay issue was the meta hints. The first meta hint sheep makes it more clear what the riddle is about. A big issue that is fixed is that all items were gradually disappearing. This would make several riddles not playable. Pets should no longer push you around. Several smaller bugs are fixed too, if you still find new issues/bugs, please let me know!



Post your thoughts, problems and playthroughs here! Mapmakers love to hear their players' voices. You could also send a personal message to the mapmaker!

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Made by
Main Liontack Tester horsetack
Category Trivia Downloads 6 Playtime ~ 30 minutes Players 1 Language
MC version Java 1.15.2 Version
1.1 (6/4/2020)
1.0 (5/22/2020)
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