Blocky Tavern
[Liontack's] Match up
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This trivia map is about pairing. In each level you make duo's based on some connection. It is up to you to find out what that connection is.

Finding each new level is also a significant part of this map. It is not too hard, but it can take some time and confuse you.

The levels are mostly sorted from easy to hard. The map takes about 1 hour to complete. (One of the levels can easily take up to 15 minutes without hints.)

I need to credit TheBlueMan003 for showing an interesting concept that I'm hyped about!

Update 1.2
A connection error in level 20 is fixed.
Update 1.3
Updated to minecraft 1.19 and fixed a bug where the player could skip half of the levels.


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Made by
Main Liontack Tester horsetack
Category Trivia Downloads 19 Playtime 1 - 2 hours Players 1 Language
MC version Java 1.16.4 Version
1.3 (6/17/2022)
1.2 (11/14/2020)
1.0 (12/24/2020)
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