Blocky Tavern
[Liontack's] Stemister's 1K Milestone
Map info

This is a variety map with a quick maze and find 1 button, 8 small parkour segements, 8 droppers and one overall puzzle. The parkour and droppers provide you with hints for the puzzle.

This map was made to celebrate 1.000 subscribers for youtuber Stemister. An amazing content creator playing a lot of minecraft maps. Creating the map took longer than expected and he reached the 1k weeks ago, but that is no reason to not publish my celebratory map.

If the download does not work for you, please try this link

Update 1.1
The player was unable to win in Version 1.0, this should be fixed now.
  • The needed cake recipe is now available.
  • The boat dropper is now possible to beat.
  • The player will stay on 3 hearts the whole time.



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Made by
Main Liontack Tester horsetack
Category Variety Downloads 13 Playtime ~ 2 hours Players 1 Language
MC version Java 1.16.5 Version
1.1 (5/12/2021)
1.0 (1/5/2021)
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