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Parkour Islands
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Welcome To Parkour Islands, One Of The Biggest Minecraft Parkour Maps Ever Created.

This Map Contains +100 Levels Of Minecraft Parkour With Various Challenges, Tasks, And Lots Of Fun.
You Can Play This Map With Your Friends Or Play It In Singleplayer Mode.
Within The Map, There Are Some Hidden Diamonds Which you Can Collect To Unlock Extra Levels With.

Download This Map And Start Your Journey In The Parkour Islands

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Update 2.0
Bug fixes:
Level 13) You can fall into a hole and cannot get out
Level 37) Not calibrated spawn point
Level 79) Teleportation Not Working

Update 3.0
Bug fix:
You now get regeneration and saturation at all time

Update 4.0
Bug fixes:
Technical)You will now instantly die after you enter the void
level 23) The end crystals will no longer respawn because there was a possibility to cause problems such as massive FPS drop
level 90) There was a hole in the floor which you can fall in and get stuck
Bonus level: Hallway) fixed an impossible jump

Update 5.0
Bug fixes:
lvl63) you will no longer get multiple sticks upon respawn
lvl79) Redstone repeaters will have the NBT data upon breaking
general) fixed a problem with level scoreboard display



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Made by
Main AmirKaká Main msroohy
Category Parkour Downloads 16 Players at least 1 Language
MC version Java 1.16.1 Version
5.0 (8/12/2020)
4.0 (8/12/2020)
3.0 (8/8/2020)
2.0 (8/2/2020)
1.0 (7/27/2020)
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