Decked out 2


For those who ask what is decked out? Tango answers: “It’s an intense dungeon crawling treasure hunting game where players will enter an incredibly hostile dungeon, have to find their treasure and they have to get out before they get their face eaten off” (paraphrased).

Youtuber TangoTek is building decked out 2 on the Hermitcraft server in survival mode. The first video was published at August 6th 2022.

New: This page was updated until Tango's video published on thursday 2022-09-15.

Warning: Decked out 2 is being worked on and everything can change or expanded upon. The numbers used may be examples and are not final.

Warning: This documentation was made by a fan, and may be interpreted incorrectly. Everything listed on this page is information extracted from TangoTek's videos.

Info: Text in red is speculation. These are things I am either not sure about or assume to be the same as the first rendition of Decked out.

The overall game

The game consists of 6 consecutive phases. Each phase will last 1 week. The three players that did best will get game points. First place gets 10 game points, second place 5 game points, and third place 2 game points. Who did best will be decided by victory tomes. The game points will decide who won the overall game after all 6 phases.

The player lounge

Or 'The grand hall' as TangoTek called it.

When a new player wants to sign up for Decked out 2, they simply pick one of the 22 side rooms and put their head above the doorway. The inside of the sideroom may be changed by the player to their liking. Each sideroom has 1 fixed storage block which is used as a player inventory. Victory tomes are kept here, and players may receive game related items from the dungeon master (TangoTek).

In the back of the player lounge there is the entrance to the dungeon, the scoreboard and the outside shop.

There is a shulker box on each of the ice floors. Dungeon keys may be found every now and then in them. There are a lot of hidden shulker boxes too where a dungeon key may be found.


The dungeon is 4 levels deep. The levels are named ‘The frozen crypt’, ‘The caves of carnage’, ‘The black mines’ and ‘The ancient city’. The dungeon is home to plenty of baddies. Most notable ravagers, wardens and vexes. The ravagers will roam the first two levels. The last two levels will have wardens instead. Vanilla mob spawning is disabled through moody lighting.

Besides the baddies, the player has to face both clank and hazard. Coins and frost embers will appear randomly anywhere in the dungeon.

In some places the floor goes up by 2 blocks. With jump boost (card effect) these passages will become accessible. These passages are mostly minor shortcuts, but there are also areas which are solely accessible with jump boost.

Level 1: The frozen crypt

This level consists of an icy cave system and a crypt in the middle. The caves can be split up in ‘the front’, ‘the left wing’ and ‘the right wing’. This level is home to ravagers.

Powdered snow is used on this level. Players can fall through them, or even use them to navigate the dungeon. There is no telling if the player drops into a trap or treasure room.

Rooms of note on this level

The crypt entrance
Icy caves in the front

Has a treacherous river.

The TNT dock
Icy caves in the left wing

Quick but dangerous access to level 3.

The unused room
Icy caves in the right wing

Big empty room. Good for a future point of interest.

The quest-giving statue
The crypt

To get an additional quest for the current run.


You can see some of the water features in dark blue. The red areas are unknown and may either continue or be dead ends. The yellow and green pixels indicates 1-way 2 block jumps. The crypt has a basement and a floor above. The basement is darker colored and when there is a room/corridor above the basement, it's colored even darker. This map is not final.


No secrets have been shared or found yet.

Level 2: The caves of carnage

This level is home to ravagers.

Level 3: The black mines

This level is home to wardens.

Level 4: The ancient city

This level is home to wardens.


The artifact is the main goal of a dungeon run for the player. Every time a player enters the dungeon using a dungeon key, they get an artifact compass. This compass will point to the place of the artifact and has the name of the level in the name. Which level or artifact it will point to is completely random.

The artifact compass will point to a certain x and z coordinate. When the player found the location of the artifact, they throw the compass on that block. An artifact will appear in its place.

There are 18 different artifacts. Each artifact, when safely gotten out of the dungeon, translates to a number of frost embers. Not each artifact translates to the same amount of frost embers.

Trading an artifact in for frost embers is their only use.


There are 3 kinds of cards. Normal, permanent and ethereal.

The player can make a deck of cards. The deck is visualized as a shulkerbox with all the cards in that deck. A deck can have as many cards as the player wants, as long as it fits inside the one shulkerbox. Each non-permanent card can only be 3 times in a deck. If after 3 cards of a type, a card of the same type is about to be played, nothing happens instead. A single card deck can be played for the entire run. So a type of card can be played more than 3 times in the same dungeon run.

At the start of each dungeon run, the player submits their deck. All permanent cards will be played at the start. Their effect will last until the dungeon run ends.

After every 30 seconds spent inside the dungeon, a random card will be played. Some cards will have an instantaneous effect, others will have a constant effect. The constant effect will only last for 30 seconds and stops when a new card is played.

When a card is played, it has a 5% chance to get destroyed. The player will not get this card back in their deck at the end of a dungeon run. Ethereal cards will be destroyed directly after being played. It is not yet known if permanent cards also have this 5% chance to get destroyed.

When multiple cards are played at the same moment, for example when Brilliance is played ("Draw 2 more cards and immediately apply both of their affects."), these cards will be played with 6 seconds between them.

There are a lot of good cards, but having too big a deck will lower the chances of each individual card being played.

All the cards


Draw 2 more cards and immediately apply both of their affects.

Skillfull retreat

If you have acquired an artifact

Block 3 clank.


+3 Frost ember drops.


Prevent the next 2 clank that would be generated.


+3 clank

+8 frost ember drops


At least 30 more cards will be added.


Clank represents how angry the creatures and spirits of the dungeon are. Traversing through the dungeon will produce clank. Any noise can add to the clank level.

Some cards can reduce the production of clank.

On a critical level of clank, evokers will start strolling around the dungeon and spawn vexes.


Hazard makes the dungeon more dynamic and makes the player feel trapped. The longer the player is present in the dungeon, the more hazardous the dungeon gets.

More hazardous means more and more pathways will close off and traps will get armed. There will always be a path back to the entrance of the dungeon, but this will be an inconvenient and dangerous route.

Simply put, the longer a player is in the dungeon, the more difficult it will be for them to safely exit the dungeon.

Frost embers

Frost embers can fall from the ceiling anywhere in the dungeon. Frost embers can not be taken outside the dungeon. They are instead used at the post-run shop if the run was successful.


Coins can fall from the ceiling anywhere in the dungeon. Coins can be taken outside the dungeon. Coins can be used to buy things in the outside shop. Coins can be accumulated across dungeon runs.

Victory tomes

Victory tomes come in 3 types and can be bought in the post-run shop using frost embers.

Victory tomes will be submitted and counted at the end of each phase of the overall game.

Post-run shop

At the end of a successful dungeon run, cards and victory tomes can be bought with the frost embers collected in the run. What will be for sale is completely random.

The outside shop

This shop is found in the back of the player lounge. A lot of different things can be bought with coins here at all times. The stock can be cards, dungeon keys, and other things.

A typical dungeon run

To start a dungeon run, a dungeon key is submitted in the back of the player lounge. This is only possible if no one else is currently in the dungeon.

Here, the player gets a bed to set their spawnpoint and storage to empty their inventory. Only their deck of cards will come along to the next room to be submitted.

After a short minecart ride, the player is dropped at the dungeon door.

Then a compass is given which points to the artifact. On the first level of the dungeon there is a quest-giving statue to get an additional quest for this run. After exploring, gathering goodies and evading the baddies, the player leaves the dungeon through the exit (which is right besides the dungeon door). Or the player dies, ending the run. They are now safe and can shop in the post-run shop. Lastly, they exit with their coins, whatever they bought from the post-run shop and their deck of cards.

Custom resources

Custom art

Decked out 2 uses a resource pack and has many good-looking items.

  • Dungeon key
  • Frost ember
  • Coin
  • Scroll
  • 18 Artifacts
  • Cards
  • Dungeon door
  • The dungeon master player skin with hood.

Custom audio

  • Heart beat

The making of videos

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